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HTR Liner System™

HTR-Liner-SystemHTR Liner System™ prevents material from freezing to the walls of bins and hoppers. The electrically heated wear liners are custom fabricated to fit each application. The surface must be covered as completely as possible. The HTR™ liners are typically fabricated to come within 1″ of the edge of the existing wall. The HTR Liner System™ is guaranteed 100% effective in eliminating freezing problems when specified, installed and operated per our recommendations. HTR™ liners carry a 5 year warranty on the replaceable heating element.

The HTR Liner System™ is the most energy efficient method of of preventing material from freezing to bin and hopper walls.  Thermostatically controlled, it requires only 175 BTU (50 watts) per square foot, which saves as much as 90% or more on energy costs compared to heating makeshift enclosures. It pays for itself in a short period of time with energy savings alone.  And, cost analysis show that downtime, additional labor expenses, lost production and damages caused by frozen material in bins and hoppers cost several times more in one season than a Thermo-Tech system. Why pay for the same expenses over and over again when all you have to do is invest once?

The HTR Liner System™ installs easily.  They drop in place inside the bin or hopper and are secured by stitch welding, which makes for an easy and speedy installation.  Should it be necessary to replace the heating element, the outer shell can be removed leaving the base plate welded in place.

Discover the HTR Liner System™ advantage.

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