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New Conveyor Belt Heater Brochure Features Thermo-Tech’s Model D2R Conveyor Belt Heater, MBH-400 Portable Conveyor Belt Heater

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Thermo-Tech’s Models D2R and MBH-400 Conveyor Belt Heater/Deicing Systems are the go-to solution to defeat your freezing and sticking issues and when freezing temperatures, icy conditions and high moisture content makes it impossible to meet your production goals.  Time and time again, our customers experience their Return On Investment in days, not years.  Being themostatically controlled gives you Set it and Forget It Operation.   Both Conveyor Belt Heater Models come with assured Safety  by the inclusion of a speed sensor in partnership with a fail-safe zero speed switch that allows the conveyor belt heater to operate only when the belt is in motion.  A variety of combustion chambers are available to address your specific needs such as:

  • Material Slide Back, Material Slipping on Inclined Belts
  • Buildup on Bend Pulleys & Turn Downs, Idlers and Tail Rolls
  • Freezing Scrapers
  • Material Sticking or Freezing to the Belt
  • Material Carry Back





HTR™ Heated Wear Liner and Heater Panel Systems Solve Freezing and Sticking in Chutes, Bins, Hoppers, Gates and more

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Thermo-Tech’s HTR™ Heated Wear Liner and Heater Panel Systems, the most economical, effective, round-the clock prevention for freezing or sticking chutes, bins, hoppers, transfer points, flop/clamshell/sliding gates, and screw and chain conveyors. A one-time investment regularly pales in comparison to the  downtime and labor expenses experienced in one season.

HTR™ Heated Wear Liner and Heater Panel Systems:

  • Carry a FIVE Year warranty on replaceable heating element
  • Not affected by wind, weather or water
  • Custom fabricated to fit your application to cover the entire area requiring heat, even the corners  where free
  • Exceeds performance of inadequate and undersized heating equipment
  • Thermostatically controlled that allows for Set It and Forget It Operation





Thermo-Tech’s Heated Grizzlies Eliminate Downtime Caused By Loading Frozen Material Into Hoppers and Bins

Heated Grizzlies














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