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About Us

Thirty-six years of experience goes into every Thermo-Tech Belt Heater installation. An effort to replace uncontrolled open flames, ineffective electric heaters, and eliminate the environmental hazards, complications and expense of antifreeze application prompted the development of Thermo-Tech conveyor belt heaters in 1984. These automated systems for removing frost, ice and moisture from conveyor belts are operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the entire winter in mining, quarrying and power generation facilities in the US, Canada and the Canadian Arctic where temperatures dip to -50°F and colder, South America, South Korea and Mongolia’s Gobi Desert where the average minimum temperature is -40°F. They are totally effective in eliminating the freezing and/or moisture problem for which they are specified. Given our many years of experience and wide range of applications, we can specify the best system for your needs and guarantee the performance of any conveyor belt heaters we recommend.

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