Since 1984 we've eliminated thousands of freezing, sticking, slipping and sliding problems from the Andes Mountains through the Alleghenies and Rockies to the Canadian Arctic, in the Gobi Desert, in Eastern Europe and Asia, and many places in between.

Over the past 39 years, Thermo-Tech, Inc. has developed heating systems and equipment to replace makeshift and inadequate methods of eliminating freezing and sticking issues related to material handling. We offer heaters for almost any issue related to conveyor belts and their respective rolls, pulleys, scrapers, and for other conveying systems such as bucket elevators and augers. We have solutions for conditions where wet, moisture-laden materials stick to flat, curved, or perforated surfaces such as chutes, bins, hoppers, gates, screens, and grizzlies.

Complete heated chutes, bins, hoppers, gates, and grizzlies are built to the customer's specifications. We also offer an automated system for abrasive application to eliminate drive roll slippage for belts underground and those conveying biomass materials and other applications where high temperatures are not suitable.

We offer heaters for mine and tunnel air ventilation. We manufacture heaters for harsh environments where off-the-shelf heaters are inadequate. Custom heating systems for almost any application can be designed and built by our team.

We can eliminate almost any freezing, sticking, slipping, or sliding problem. Anything that we specify and provide has a 100% performance guarantee!

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