Auger Heaters

Thermo-Tech, Inc's auger heaters are custom designed to prevent freezing.

Auger heaters prevent freezing using a custom designed HTR™ system from Thermo-Tech. In some cases, it is also possible to dry the materials they convey as shown in this slow-moving grit discharge installation.

Tube type auger heater assembly.
Tube Type Auger Heater

This system clamps over the tube the auger runs in.

Heating augers to prevent freezing requires about 75 Watts per square foot. In application when drying the material, it may require up to 400 watts per square foot.

The auger heater temperature control panel.

A temperature control system is required when drying the material conveyed by the auger.

Auger Hopper/Chute
Auger Feed Hopper/Chute Heater

Heating the hopper or chute that feeds the auger is required in most instances.

Trough Type Auger Heater Assembly.
Trough Type Auger Heater

The custom sized HTR™ panels wrap around this auger trough as shown.


  • Stainless Steel, Weather Tight Construction
  • Wash Down Option
  • Pilot lights indicate the heater is at operating temperature
  • 75-400 watts per square foot
  • 120-480 Volts

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