Electric Conveyor Belt Heater

Flat conveyor belts used in package and food handling can be heated with electricity in most cases. When heat is applied to the flat steel plates that the belts slide on, the heat is readily transferred from the plate to the belt, keeping it soft, pliable, and free of ice. This will eliminate packages sliding on inclined conveyors, stop drive roll slippage and prevent frost, ice, and frozen material build-up on food handling conveyors. We can also provide a heated drive roll if necessary. Due to the small amount of heat generated, there are no temperature effects on the surrounding environment. Thermo-Tech offers custom designs to retrofit existing conveyors or can work with manufacturers to implement this system in new construction. Our heaters have temperature controls that allow the heat output to be regulated to within a few degrees.

Electric Conveyor Belt Heater, Belt Assembly

Applicable to almost any flat conveyor belt. Sealed stainless steel construction with an IP68 rating.

Electric Conveyor Belt Heater Temperature Controller.

Temperature Controller regulates temperature to within +/- 5 degrees. It has an ambient air thermostat that turns the system on at the desired temperature.

Diagram of an Electric Conveyor Belt Heater Assembly

Cutaway View. Shows HTR panel placed on the bottom of the trough the belt slides in. The element does not actually get red hot. This view is for clarity only, there is no fire hazard associated with this system.

Diagram of an Electric Conveyor Belt Heater Assembly
Electric Belt Heater Camber Belt Assembly

When placed on the return side of the belt, the heater has a slight camber to maximize contact between the heater and the belt.


  • Stainless Steel Construction IP68
  • Applicable to almost any flat surface requiring heat
  • Minimum thickness 1/2"
  • 5 year Warranty on Replaceable Heating Element
  • Available in 120-480 Volts

Patent Pending