Heated Flop Gate

Flop or diverter gate freezing can be a major downtime issue. Wet material can freeze to the gate blocking the chute or cause it to freeze in place prohibiting movement when the material needs diverted to another chute. A Heated Flop Gate will eliminate freezing and downtime.

Heated Flop (diverter) Gate that keeps materials from freezing.

Most existing gates can be overlaid with a heated impact or wear plate that can be bolted or welded in place. The accommodations for the power supply varies with the individual gate. When the Heated Flop Gate plate is attached to a single layer of plate, it heats both sides of the gate.


  • Any impact or wear surface required
  • AR400 plate standard
  • Ceramic, TIVAR, UHMW, Custom
  • 120-480 Volts

Heated Flop (diverter) Gate that keeps materials from freezing.

Direct replacement for your existing gate. The power supply can be routed through the center of the pivot shaft as illustrated.

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