Hot Plates

Counter Weights Assembly for Hot Plate Heaters.

Counter Weights

Hot Plate Trough Heater.

Install in an existing trough or we can supply a complete heated trough.

Heated plates with an IP68 rating (submersible) are available for applications where ice or frozen material build up on flat surfaces. These plates can be manufactured in virtually any size or shape and can stand up to almost any environment.

Applicable to troughs, dribble chutes, counter weights and almost any surface that can benefit from heat in a cold environment.


  • Sealed, Stainless Steel Construction IP68 Rating.
  • 1/2" Minimum Thickness.
  • Any Size/Shape.
  • Heavy Duty Impact / Wear Surface Available.
  • 120-480 Volts 50-400 Watts per square foot.

Patent Pending

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