HTR™ Heater Panels

HTR™ Heated Panels are custom made to any size or shape. When wet materials freeze in chutes and hoppers, production stops and downtime commences. Eliminate freezing and sticking issues with these weld on heater panels custom made for your application. These heater panels will keep materials flowing under any condition.

Custom made stepped HTR™ Heater Panel to prevent materials from freezing.
Any Size or Shape

While it's not possible or even necessary to cover the entire surface, covering as much area as possible will be most effective. In this installation, stepped panels on the sides were fitted around the scrapper and inspection doors in addition to a panel mounted on the front of the chute and eliminated a major freezing issue.

HTR™ Heater Panel Control Box.
Control Panel

Houses the thermostat, circuit breaker and relay. The green pilot light indicates there is a call for heat (thermostat closed).


  • Stainless steel, weather tight construction
  • Indoor / Outdoor applications
  • Any size or shape
  • fits over existing liner bolts
  • Pilot light indicates temperature is at least 120 deg.
  • Thermostatically Controlled
  • 120, 240, 480 Volts

Patent Pending

HTR™ Panels on a Hopper with a perfect fit.
A Perfect Fit

Accurate measurements taken in the field or from fabrication drawings make for a perfect fit.

Easy Installation and fits over bolts that holds the chute liners in place.
Easy Installation

Stitch weld the mounting frame in place and caulk to provide an air tight seal. Place the panel on the mounting studs and screw the nuts on. Fits over bolts that hold the chute liners in place.

Two man crew installing a custom HTR™ Heater Panel.

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