HTR Panel System™


The HTR Panel System™ eliminates freezing chutes, bins, hoppers, flop/clamshell/sliding gates, truck beds, loader buckets and more. The electrically heated panels are custom fabricated to fit each application and cover the entire area requiring heat, including corners where freezing starts on bins and tapered chutes, unlike others that only come in standard sizes. The HTR Panel System™ is guaranteed 100% effective in eliminating freezing problems when specified, installed and operated per our recommendations. The HTR™ panels carry a 5 year warranty on the replaceable heating element and lifetime stainless construction.

The HTR Panel System™ is the most economical method of heating any chute, bin, hopper or transfer point. Thermostatically controlled, it requires only 175 BTU (50 watts) per square foot, which saves as much as 90% or more on energy costs compared to heating enclosures or using oversized heaters. It pays for itself in a short period of time with energy savings alone. And, cost analysis show that downtime, additional labor expenses, lost production and damages caused by ice, frost or moisture cost several times more in one season than a Thermo-Tech system. Why pay for the same expenses over and over again when all you have to do is invest once?

The HTR Panel System™ installs easily. Just stitch weld in place, caulk and connect to an electrical power supply. It fits over bolts and can be welded to almost any painted, rusted, bent or beat surface. If removal is necessary for maintenance, simply remove the retaining nuts and take the panel off. The mounting frame stays in place. The stainless steel studs in the mounting frame never rust or corrode.