Preventing Material Slideback

Preventing Material Slideback

Frost and ice that accumulates on conveyor belts can be eliminated with a sufficient amount of heat applied in the right place, no matter how severe the accumulation or how low the temperature drops. Small conveyors require a small amount of heat and large conveyors require much more heat.

Heater Location

The location for the heater depends on available space and the size and speed of the belt. When installing a heater to prevent material slideback it is best to place the heater as close to the material pickup point as possible.

De-icing at Start-up

On start-up, heavy accumulations of frost and ice can be removed using a moderate amount of heat by running the belt with the heater on through several revolutions before loading any materials onto it. This is the most economical method of de-icing versus applying a large enough amount of heat to remove a heavy accumulation instantly.

Continuous Operation

Continuous operation of the heater will prevent ice build up regardless of the length of the belt or time in operation. If the moisture that is freezing to the belt is coming from the material being conveyed, it may take considerably more heat than preventing natural frost or ice from accumulating. Heaters are sized accordingly and they feature a wide range of adjustment on the heat output to compensate for unforeseen and varying conditions.