Ice Control with Proven Thermo-Tech Systems

Proven Systems

The use of Thermo-Tech belt heaters in industrial conveyor belt ice control situations has been perfected over a period of thirty-one years. These systems are designed to operate in dusty, dirty, and wet locations. They are not affected by carry back falling from the belt or water running through them. However, they must not be allowed to get buried in spillage.

Remote Air Filtering

All heaters are equipped with a remote air filtering system that will allow it to operate in extremely dusty conditions. The burner unit is sealed dust tight and the air filter is connected to the burner enclosure with a 4” diameter flexible hose. The system comes equipped with 11 feet of hose. Additional hose can be connected to locate the air filter 40 feet or more from the heater if necessary.

Time Tested Components

The UL and CSA approved gun burners used in Thermo-Tech conveyor belt heaters have been around for over fifty years and have a life expectancy of at least twenty-five years. The stainless steel used for the construction will last indefinitely. The special stainless used for the replaceable liners in the combustion chambers typically last five years.

Open Design

Heaters that are installed under the belt feature an open design that prevents spillage from accumulating. The stainless steel that these units are constructed from will not retain enough heat after shut down to affect the belt.