Thermo-Tech Automatic Operation

Automatic Operation

Thermo-Tech conveyor belt heaters are designed to operate totally automatically. A motion sensing device and thermostat control the operation of the heater. When the temperature falls below freezing and the belt is in operation the unit starts and runs. If the temperature rises above freezing or the belt stops the heater ceases operation. Refueling intervals depends on the tank size selected (typically several days or weeks supply). Routine air and fuel filter changes are the only maintenance typically required.

Instant Shutdown

Heater operation is controlled by a motion sensing device that stops the heater, even if the belt begins to slow down. A target is welded to the end of an idler or tall roll, where a sensor then detects the rotation of the roll allowing the heater to operate. If there is no rotation the heater stops.

Thermostat Controlled

The thermostat is located inside of the air filter housing which protects it from the elements and prevents unauthorized operation. The thermostat is set to the desired operating temperature. Then if the belt is running and the temperature drops to the setting the heater will come on. If the temperature rises above the setting the heater stops.

Adjustable Heat Output

Heat output is adjustable from 35,000 to 400,000 BTU on small models and 100,000 to 800,000 BTU on larger units. Custom designs feature 1,000,000 plus BTU, as required.

Unlimited Fuel Supply

The size of the fuel tank selected determines the time between refueling. Typically a tank is used that will supply the heater with fuel for several days or weeks. Existing tanks can be utilized in many instances.