Solution for Ice and Condensation on Rolls, Pulleys and Idlers

Eliminating Ice on Rolls, Pulleys, and Idlers

Frost, ice, and material build-up on drive rolls, bend pulleys and idlers is easily eliminated with the right amount of heat applied in the right place. The combustion chamber is placed as close to the drive roll or bend pulley as possible, which heats and dries the belt as well as the roll. Ice build-up on bottom idlers is often eliminated when a heater is installed to prevent material slideback or a unit can be installed underneath the belt immediately after the material is discharged which will dry the belt and prevent ice from accumulating on the idlers. Thermo-Tech conveyor belt heater provides an easy and cost effective solution for ice and condensation problems.

Conveyor Belt Heater Selection

Selecting the proper heater requires a very close look at the actual condition causing the freezing problem. An experienced Thermo-Tech applications specialist with in-depth knowledge of the heating system’s capabilities can specify the proper size and model of conveyor belt heater to correct the problem.

Added Benefits of the Conveyor Belt Heater

Often a conveyor belt heater that is installed to correct one specific problem will eliminate other problems. For instance, a conveyor belt heater placed adjacent to a bend pulley will almost always eliminate ice on the next pulley. as well as the return idlers after that. and in many cases this application of heat will also dry the belt enough to prevent material slideback. De-icing a conveyor belt to prevent material slideback can greatly reduce or even eliminate problems with belt scrapers. Eliminating ice on a drive roll to prevent drive roll slippage can also eliminate the need for increased belt tension, meaning less belt wear and less horsepower requirements.