Thermo-Tech Conveyor Belt Heater Products

HTR Liner System™: Heated drop in wear liners prevent material freezing to bin and hopper walls.  The electrically heated wear liners are custom fabricated to fit your exact application. The AR 400 Face can be overlaid with additional wear plates including ceramic, stainless, hardened steel, UHMW, Tivar, etc. and do not affect heat transfer. The HTR Liner System™ is the most energy efficient method of preventing material from freezing to bin and hopper walls.

HTR Panel System™: Used to eliminate freezing chutes, bins, hoppers, flop gates, clamshell gates, sliding gates, truck beds, loader buckets and more. Electrically heated panels are custom fabricated to fit your exact application and cover the entire area requiring heat, even tapered corners where freezing first starts,  unlike others that only come in standard sizes. The HTR Panel System™ is the most economical method of heating any chute, bin, hopper or transfer point.

Model A Belt Heater: Used with conveyor belts up to 42 inches side and at speeds up to 450 FPM to eliminate material slideback. Not subject to spillage accumulation under the belt. Standard and remote models available.

Model B Belt Heater: Used with conveyor belts wider than 42 inches with speeds greater than 450 FPM to eliminate material slideback. Used in place of Model A due to installation restrictions. Available in different sizes to accomodate any size belt at any speed. Standard and remote models available

Model C Belt Heater: Used with limited space installations on slower moving conveyor belts up to 350 FPM and up to 42 inches wide. Unit can be installed away from the spillage area. Standard and remote models available.

Model C Drive Roll Heater: Used with installation close to drive roll for economical operation and elimination of drive roll slippage.

Model D-AR Belt Heater: Used with space limitations and when the tail section of the belt is inaccessible to installation.

Model D-BR Remote Heater: Used to de-ice a clamshell gate for loading material into trucks. Uses a remote combustion chamber.

Model D-CR Drive Roll Heater: Used in the same set of conditions as the Model C belt heater, except when it’s desirable to install the control unit a distance from the drive roll due to space limitations or inaccessibility. Standard and remote models available.

Model D-DR Belt Heater:

Model DT Remote Heater: Used to heat two areas at the same time.

Point-Heater™: Portable version of Thermo-Tech’s conveyor belt heater deicing system provides portable heat where you want it, when you need it. Lightweight, easily moved. Sets up in minutes. Automatic operation does not require monitoring, reduces labor costs and eliminates weed burners and tiger torches. Interchangeable combustion chambers for any conveyor belt heating or deicing need.

Model MH-400-F Portable Conveyor Belt Heater: Designed for the Canadian arctic

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