Drive Roll Heater

Drive Roll Heating

Slipping on start up or spin out any time due to frost, ice, blowing snow or moisture is easily eliminated with the use of a Standard Model D2R Heater or a Portable/Mobile Model MH-400-F Heater. It requires very little heat in most instances due to the small, confined space involved and it stops the down time.

In most installations it is possible to install a combustion chamber on the roll. This combustion chamber has one side open that is placed towards the roll, and the opposite side reflects the heat, increasing its efficiency.

The contact of the belt against the roll transfers the heat and prevents the lagging from being over heated.

Belt Drive Roll Heater in action on a conveyor belt moving sand.
Drive Roll Heater graphic illustrating the concept.
Drive Roll Heater in a tight space installation.

In some installations, due to lack of space, the burner head tube is held in place by a mounting flange and the tube is directed at the roll to be heated as shown in this example.



Standard Heater
Propane / Natural Gas, Diesel Fired Heater 50,000 - 400,000 BTUs adjustable
Portable/Mobile Heater
Portable Diesel Fired Heater 50,000 - 400,000 BTUs adjustable

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