Model D Belt Heater

Save time on start-up by removing frost and ice from belt surfaces. Eliminate down time caused by ice forming on the belt during operations from water or moisture in the material and from blowing snow. Material slide back or slipping on inclined belts due to frost, ice or water causes considerable down time which can be totally eliminated by heating the belt sufficiently. Eliminate the need for cleated or chevron belts and stop the mess they create.Model D Belt Heater - Sealed, Stainless Steel, Weather Tight Construction, Not Affected by The Elements

There are only two reliable methods of keeping conveyor belts operating under severe conditions. Enclose the entire belt structure and maintain a temperature that will keep ice from forming or heat it with a direct flame. A direct flame is safe as long as it stops when the belt stops and is not used on belts that convey highly combustible materials such as sawdust. 
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  • Sealed, Lifetime Stainless Steel Construction
  • 110/120v 220/240v Single Phase, 50/60 Hz
  • Model D2R-400 Propane/Natural Gas or Diesel, 50,000 to 400,000 BTUs Adjustable
  • Model MH-400-F Diesel Fired Portable

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Read More> Thermo-Tech’s patented and proven system is permitted by MSHA (United States Mine Safety & Health Administration) for use on above ground belts. There are over 3000 systems in service around the globe, keeping belts operating reliably under extreme conditions. This application of direct flame exposes the belt to the high temperature of the flame, around 2000 degrees F/1100 degrees C for about ½ seconds as dictated by the size of the combustion chamber. This is sufficient to remove ice and / or dry the belt.

Model D Belt Heater - Sealed, Stainless Steel, Weather Tight Construction, Not Affected by The Elements

Sealed, Stainless Steel, Weather Tight Construction
Not Affected by The Elements

Open design does not accumulate spillage

Open Design Does Not Accumulate Spillage

Model D Belt Heater Ice to Steam Instantly

Ice to Steam Instantly

The Model D Belt Heater can withstand carry back falling from the belt.

Can Withstand Carry Back Falling From the Belt

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