Point-Heater™ (Portable Heater)

The Point-Heater™ offers all the features and benefits of Thermo-Tech’s Conveyor Belt Heater deicing system with the added versatility of being portable and use of interchangeable combustion chambers that allow for any heating or deicing needs. Lightweight and easily moved with set up in minutes, its unique, compact design and remote output enables direct heat exactly where it is needed. Combustion chambers can be located up to 40′ from the unit. The Point-Heater has an adjustable heat output of 35,000 – 400,000 BTU and runs on propane, diesel, kerosene or jet fuel.

Point-Heater™ – Durability
Thermo-Tech’s Point-Heater is constructed from grade 304 and grade 309 stainless steel. It is sealed dust tight and not affected by the weather including rain, snow, ice, or moisture. The Point-Heater is designed to operate in dusty, dirty conditions and has optional remote filtration for extreme conditions.

Point-Heater™ – Safety
The safe operation of Thermo-Tech’s Point-Heaters are the most important concern. They are designed to stop operating any time that the belt even begins to slow down. UL and CSA approved burners and controls used in commercial / residential heating systems assures a safe operating system. The heaters do not retain heat after they stop.

Point Heater™ – Economical Operation
Economical operation is the hallmark of Thermo-Tech conveyor belt heaters. The Point-Heater totally eliminates downtime due to frost and ice build up or accumulation when they are properly specified, installed and operated. This claim is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. A 26 gallon fuel tank provides 100 hours operation at 35,000 BTU or 8 hours at 400,000 BTU.

Point-Heater™ – Dependability
The Point-Heater typically operates throughout the winter without any maintenance. They use of stainless steel in the construction and burners and controls used in time tested home / commercial furnaces, as well as components used in jet aircraft engines make for a lasting and dependable system.

Discover the Point-Heater™ advantage.