Pulley Heaters

Bend Pulley, Turn Downs, Tail Rolls, and Snub Roll Heaters

Pulley Heater

Stop damaging belts and eliminate the down time associated with frozen material build-up on pulleys.  Heating the first pulley will usually prevent buildup on the second one, in the case of pulleys used on gravity take-ups.

In most installations on rolls, it is possible to install a combustion chamber. On this combustion chamber, the bottom is open so it doesn’t accumulate material, and one side is open which is placed towards the roll. The opposite side reflects the heat, increasing its efficiency.

The contact of the belt against the roll transfers the heat and prevents the lagging from being overheated.

Pulley Heaters

Heating a Turn Down Pulley 

Pulley heater used in tight spaces.

                                   Heating a Snub Roll



Standard Heater
Propane / Natural Gas, Diesel Fired Heater 50,000 - 400,000 BTUs adjustable
Portable/Mobile Heater
Portable Diesel Fired Heater 50,000 - 400,000 BTUs adjustable

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