Heaters for Conveyor Belts and Related Components


  • Material Slide Back
  • Material Slippage
  • Drive Roll Slippage
  • Build up on pulleys & idlers
  • Scraper Freezing
  • Cleated Belts


  • Down time
  • Lost Production
  • Labor Expenses & Damage to Equipment
  • Safety Concerns (permitted by MSHA on above ground belts)

All of Thermo-Tech's permanently mounted heaters are weather tight stainless steel construction.

                                           Standard Heater

  • Weathertight stainless steel construction
  • Operational to -40 degrees
  • Thermostatically Controlled
  • No Adverse Effect on Belt Surface
  • Not Affected by Material Spillage
  • Air Filtration (not affected by dust)
  • Propane/Natural Gas or Diesel
  • Electric (limited applications)
  • 100% performance guarantee

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Ice to Steam at 10 degrees F, -12 degrees C

Used to deice small, slow moving belts, up to 42 inches wide and up to 400 FPM.

Used to deice small, slow moving belts up to 36 inches and 350 FPM.

Model D Installations are used on virtually any size belt and operating speed.
Applicable to almost any freezing or sticking issue on any size belt at any speed. Installed here to prevent material from slipping on an inclined belt. Eliminates drive roll slippage and build up on pulleys and idlers.

  • Designed for the Canadian Arctic
  • Totally self-contained
  • Optional portable generator power source

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